The idea comes from a quote “The brick walls are there to show how badly you want something”. A blue hero is everyone who lives around the world. The video illustrates the cycle of the life, aiming to visualize the process of challenging the obstacles and how people gradually deal with it.


Designing a 2D visual to look likes a game. Using a blue tube, which I called HERO to represent each person who lives around the world. The little squares are the obstacles and different colors have different meanings. For example, the white square is the easiest challenge and the color black is the hardest one. As the HERO breaking the squares, it becomes bigger since it’s getting stronger. Meanwhile, I gradually reveal other HEROES in other squares which next to the original HERO to depict that it is not alone. It happens to everyone in the entirely world and each person will has a chance to be successful.

Style Frames

Creative Design: Youi Shih


2019 | Dumbo Film Festival – Selected Screening, Brooklyn, New York

2019 | 5th International Motion Festival – Selected Screening, Cyprus

2018 | 6th International Motion Art Awards (IMAA) – Selected Winners, NY

2017 | The Pixie Award Winners – Gold