This is a style frames’ project, which is inspired from the movie series of Black Mirror. Basically, the video talks about everything always has two sides of meanings. The journey of the life is always composed of the start and the end. If one is given a birth, as time goes by, it will be disappeared in the future. The visual was created as a loop to represent a cycle of life.


Aiming to create a pure geometric shapes to illustrate that everything is looked simple at the first. However, while they falling on the ground with the glowing effect, we could see the two sides of them through the shadow.


Creative Design: Youi Shih


2019 | Dumbo Film Festival – Selected Screening, Brooklyn, New York

2019 | 5th International Motion Festival – Selected Screening, Cyprus

2018 | 6th International Motion Art Awards (IMAA) – Selected Winners, NY

2017 | The Pixie Award Winners – Gold