It’s a graduate project collaborated with another motion graphic artist Paola Baiz.


What’s the sound of the tree? How to feel the emotions from a flower? The project explores the relationship and connections of nature and human being. We aim to experience how nature could heal us and bring us back to the present. Through improvised movements of performance and projection mapping, the goal is to visualize the dialogues between human and nature.


The concept was inspired by our own stories, Paola and I have been benefited from nature due to personal issues which happened during our bad times. We got hurt from life, but nature healed and brought us back to the present in the reality. The project is a reminder that people should not live in the past, but focus on living at the moment and appreciate for the environment which is around us. As being artists, we never forget to do our missions that making the world better, and we choose nature as the target.


We want to visualize the dialogue between human and nature, aiming to create an unique viewing experience for audience who is sitting indoor and doesn’t have time to dive into nature. Through the use of visualizing an audio, which is directly transferred from botanical environment into graphics, the goal of project is to explore the relationship between human and nature by integrating projection mapping and performance. We hope we can let you know more about nature.

Sketch & Storyboard
Mood Board
Field Trip Of Shooting Location

Skidaway Island State Park, Savannah, Georgia

Video Sample: Collecting Audio From Plants
Video Sample: Projection Mapping
Behind The Scenes

Both of us have created visuals for projecting on different surfaces. For example, I’ve created visuals for projecting on botanical plants and trees. Paola has created visuals for projecting on the teepee. I’m also the cinematographer, main editor and colorist, however, Paola has always supported me to revise all the works though the whole process.


Creative Director: Youi Shih, Paola Baiz    |    Cinematographer: Youi Shih

Editor: Youi Shih, Paola Baiz    |    Colorist: Youi Shih