For so many years, as being an lesbian, my sexuality has always been a secret to parents. This video is created for inviting them to have an open conversation with me, and for those who also want to get closer to their parents. Its goal is to gain a chance to talk about the things that they are scared or unfamiliar. Rather than just coming out and doing nothing, creating a panic, I wish they could face the truth and bravely discuss about it.


It is a self confession and a voice performance via the format of the video. I reveal the story by drawing the abstract figures which connect the memories between I and my parents. Applying the treatment of dynamic typography to express the emotion of my words.

Style Frames

Creative Design: Youi Shih


2019 | 7th International Motion Art Awards (IMAA) – Selected Winners

2019 | 5th International Motion Festival – Selected Screening and Shortlisted for AWARD / Best Film in the “Go with the Flow”, Cyprus