Introduction by PEI-LING HO

“My mother is a housewife, and she has a dream for a really long time. Her dream is traveling around the world.”

This is a healing performance and challenge the structure of performance which must be seen in person. I try to create a performance which you only can use your imagination and senses like touch, smell, hearing to feel and imagine what the performer is performing right now with your eyes closed.

Since mothers always commit to take care for the family and are limited by many things, which situations not allow them to fulfill their dream. So, as for the recording, I collected everyone’s mothers voices of describing a place in details which they really want to go but still didn’t go. 

During the performance, I will take off one thing from my body in one section of recording, and put the thing on the audience which trying to let the thing be experienced with the audience’s body through a imagination journey. In the end, I’m almost naked, and the losing off objects from my body is also a symbol of gaining through each section of journey.

Description written by PEI-LING HO

Performer: PEI-LING HO

Vidergrapher and Editor: Youi Shih