This is a team project produced by three activists who are in different majors, including with the background of Advertising, Information Management, Digital Multimedia Art. It combines with photos, diary and documentary video. In 2014, it was displayed in two exhibitions which were curated by ourselves in Taiwan, Taipei.

The term of the “line” means that the society was divided by an invisible line called poverty line. To illustrate the situation of the country with two faces of the truth: prosperity and poverty.


How do you think about the Hong Kong? Is that a country with lots of trading activities or a country with lots of delicious food? This is a collaborative work that I gathered my members to document the real life of the Hong Kong, rather than just showing the bright side of the society. We came out the concept by a series of photos shot by a photographer, Benny Lam who reveal an issue “Cages Home” which happened in Hong Kong. Due to the similar backgrounds of the country between Taiwan and Hong Hong, our goal is to reveal the reality of the situation in there. We not only made a documentary film but also did a survey from local people and made it into a video. Ultimately, we aim to inspire the people who lived in Taiwan, and to let them think further or to evoke them to come up with an idea of “What can we do for our country?”

Main Visual
Ke Lin. The Society Below The Line. 2014. Hong Kong
Documentary Photos

Photographer: Ke Lin
Writer: Kuan Lin Chen
Cinematographer: Youi Shih
Editor: Youi Shih
Music: Archive, Light